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                                Classes for 2018 Are Here!!


Be sure to sign up as soon as possible...most of these classes have a minimum of four students and will be cancelled if this number is not secured by the middle of September!

 ALL DAY FRIDAY        SEPTEMBER  28          9 a.m-4 p.m.

 Triangle and Rectangle  Loom Building  (As Used For Continuous Strand Weaving)

with George Snyder

This full day workshop will explain and expose the details and science of building triangular and rectangular looms for continuous strand weaving. 

 Participants will: Learn the math required to make a properly proportioned loom of any size.

                            Mark and pre-drill nail locations, and assemble a loom.

Participants will have the choice of building a 36 inch triangular, or a 7x28 inch rectangular loom.  This loom will be theirs to keep.

Some woodworking experience helpful.  As it takes six hours to build a loom, the class may run overtime.

Student should bring: yardstick, hammer, #2 Philip's head screwdriver, pencils, safety glasses, ear protection and dust mask.  If a T-square is available, bring it!

This class costs $70, with a maximum of 10 students.  Materials cost for the class (to be paid to  instructor on day of the class) $25


                                                CONTINUOUS STRAND WEAVING CLASSES  

We will offer four classes on Continuous Strand Weaving with Lenore Snyder.

Students will learn the unique continuous strand weaving (CSW) method on an open frame loom.  The following options give the student a choice of loom shape.  Although it is recommended that new CSW weavers start on the triangle, the rectangle and square looms will be available to start on or to use after weaving on the triangle.  In beginning level classes, the plain, or tabby, weave structure with one color change will be covered.

Students should bring: Yarn:  Worsted Weight (wool, alpaca, cotton blends, or handspun.  Either solid colors or variegated)  The amount needed is designated per class.  A locker hook with a large tapestry eye, or size G or H crochet hook, a weaving comb (a hair pick will work), scissors, felting needles or large yarn needle, and a basket to contain yarn while weaving.  (questions?  contact Lenore at

Instructor will provide: looms at a modest rental fee, yarn for the first (beginner) class at no charge, and a detailed instruction booklet with pictures for each class.

Each class is limited to five students.

There is a $10 materials fee for loom and stand rent that can be paid to instructor on the day of the class (this fee can be applied to the purchase of a loom.) This fee should be paid directly to the instructor on the day of the class.


with Lenore Snyder

 The instructor will provide the 18" loom and yarn for this class.  The plain or tabby weave structure with one color change will be covered.  The woven fabric can be made into a small bag.

There will be a $10 loom rental.  Pay the instructor at the time of the class.

(For more class information, and what you need to bring-- see the detailed description above.)

This class costs $40.  Class limit: 5  


with Lenore Snyder

The instructor will provide the 13" square loom, or 18" x 6"rectangular loom, and yarn for this class.  Plain or tabby weave structure with one color change will be covered.  

There will be a $10 loom rental fee (payable directly to the instructor on the day of class.)

(For more class information and info on what you need to bring -- see the detailed description above)

This class costs $40.  Class limit:  5

with Lenore Snyder
 Students from the AM classes and others with CSW experience will learn at least two of the following weave structures:  2/2 twill, Log Cabin, Herringbone, Houndstooth, or Pinwheel-- weaving on the looms used in the AM classes.     Students should provide their own yarn--worsted weight, one or two colors.  Yardage needed for 18" triangle loom= 30 yds.  Square loom = 56 yds.  Rectangle loom = 34 yds. 
 Instructor will have yarn available at cost.   There will be a loom rental fee of $10 (payable directly to the instructor on the day of the class)
(For more information on these classes and what you need to bring, see detailed description above)
 This class costs $40.  Class Limit: 10


Crockpot Dyeing Silk Hankies with Diana Eakin

  Learn to dye raw silk in the form of silk hankies (provided by the instructor).  Dye will be applied to create a multi-color or a monochromatic design, using a crockpot and Wilton Frosting Gel Dye.  Students will be shown how to draft the hanky for spinning,  as well as how to knit the hanky without spinning.  Techniques for handling silk will also be covered. 

Students should bring a crock pot, notebook, pen and enthusiasm!

 This class costs $40.  There is a $15 material fee(paid to the instructor on the day of class)to cover dyes and silk hankies.


Mitered Square Basics with Jill Suttell

Mitered Squares are created by casting on stitches for two sides of the square and making double decreases in the center to create the other two sides.  Each square is joined onto the previous one so little to no sewing is involved.  Two methods of double decrease, pick up and knit stitches, combining cast on and picked up stitches, and chart reading will be covered in class.

Students should be able to cast on, knit and purl without supervision.  Students should bring worsted weight yarn, and 1 set of either size 7 or size 8 needles.

There is no additional materials fee for this class.

This class is $40.  Class Limit:


Color Blending for Spinning with Nancy Pavelek

In this class students will:

              Explore hands-on color theory--learn what color is all about!   

              Experiment with blending various amounts (by percentage) of colored roving together to create new and exciting colors.

              Spin color blends to create beautiful colorways and "pump-up" your yarn basket; and finally--

              Ply various colors together for further color development and excitement!     

Students in this class must be of at least "established beginner spinner" level in order to spin your own yarn. 

Students should bring a pair of wool combs, blending board or hand cards (student preference for blending), a spinning wheel or spindle, 1 box of snack size zip-lock baggies, permanent marker, pen/pencil, and a notepad.

Instructor will provide a variety of dyed wool roving and chocolate!

This class costs $40, with a material fee of $20 due on the day of class (pay directly to instructor).   Class Limit:  15

Beginning Spindle Spinning 
Learn how to use a drop spindle to make your own yarn!  This is an inexpensive way to learn to spin your own yarn.  We will work with both the drop spindle and the supported spindle, possible touching on the turkish spindle along the way.  
Please bring your own spindle if you have one, several of our show vendors offer them!
Roving to spin will be provided for a $5 material fee at the time of class.
This class is $40.  Class Limit: 8


Twisted Color (Multi-colored Cables) with Jill Bigelow Suttell

Take your cables to the next level by adding color.  There are more ways to do so than you may think!  Slipped stitches, fair isle, and intarsia can all be used to make two color cables.  In this class we will explore them all.

Students should have previous cable experience, and should bring 2 colors of worsted weight yarn, 1 set of dpn or circular needles (size 7 or 8) and a cable needle.

There is no additional materials fee for this class.

This class is $40.


Introduction to Wheel Spinning  (Part One) with Linda Ritz

 Students will learn the basics of turning fibers into yarn and getting comfortable with your wheel.  If you have your own wheel and have been trying to learn, but have found it difficut-- it you?  or your wheel?  We will check your wheel out for mechanical problems and answer that question!

The goal of this class is for the student to learn the basic skills needed to produce a length of yarn and gain the confidence to do so.

One or two wheels will be available, but please bring your own wheel if you have one.  (or borrow one!)  Roving will be provided.

This class costs $40.  Class Limit : 8


Fleece to Yarn with Bev Thorne

This class will cover choosing a fleece for a specific purpose, identifying both good and bad points, and learning to prepare a fleece for the final step of spinning.  We will learn the best parts of the fleece for spinning, and which parts should be used for felting or other crafts.  We will skirt a fleece, learn to pick and wash, and work with hand cards (on some prewashed wool).  Altho this is not technically a spinning class, the instructor will have her wheel and some samples of a few different sheep breed's fleeces.

This class costs $40.  Class Limit:10.  


Crockpot Dyeing--Sock Yarn with Diana Eakin

Details to be announced.......


Beginning Wheel Spinning (Part Two) with Linda Ritz

Students should have some experience turning fibers into yarn.  This class takes over where Part One ends.

You've learned how to get a yarn onto your bobbin--what's next?!  Plying, finishing yarn, and techniques for producing the yarn you need for your next project.

Student should bring their wheel, 3 bobbins and a lazy kate.  If bobbins and lazy kate are not available, inventive substitutions can be made.  Roving will be provided.

This class is $40.  Class Limit:  8


Arm Knitting with Katie MacGregor

Come and have a fun afternoon of creating an infinity arm-knit scarf!  We will knit the scarf completely with our arms.  A decorative band will be knit on knitting experience is very helpful.  (If student is 9-12, an adult must accompany.)

This would be a great parent/child class.  (Just register the child)

Student should bring 2 skeins of Super Bulky 6 (Lion's Brand or similar yarn-- approx. 162 yards), and 1-3 decorative buttons (depending on the size) and a pair of size 11 needles (either straights or circs), tapestry needle, regular sewing needle and thread to match yarn.

There is no material fee for this class.

This class will cost $40.  Class Limit: 8


Adult/Youth Beginning Knitting with Cheryl Williams

Always wanted to learn to knit, but never took the time?  Now's your chance.  Let Cheryl walk you through the beginning steps of knitting.  In this class, you will learn to cast on, knit, purl, and bind off.  Instructions will also be given for a basic scarf, using the techniques you will have learned by the end of the class.  This class is open to anyone 9 and up--no esperience necessary.

Students will need to bring 1 ball (100 gr) of worsted weight yarn and size 7 or 8 needles.

This class will cost $40.  Class Limit:  8