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                    Annual Pattern  Challenge

The "One Skein Wonder"......what can YOU do with a single skein or bag of fiber that you purchased from one of the vendors at NMLWF in previous years.  You know you have "stash" or you purchased that beautiful skein, or bag of fiber etc. that you just could not resist!  What are you going to do with those lovelies??? 

Show us what you decide to do with your goodies.  Knit, spin, weave, crochet - whatever.....a design or item of your choice, bring it with you and allow us to display it on our "bragging" wall and we will gift you a little something for participating. 

The only "rules" are:

#1:  skein size is not limited to any certain weight or number of yards but comes in a single skein (sock mini-bundles count as one skein, same for a sock blank)

#2: you purchased (and saved proof of purchase such as receipt, tag etc) the materials for your item at the Northern Michigan Lamb and Wool Festival in past years

#3 You allow us to display it for a couple hours while you shop or take a class

#4 Be sure to pick up your item after it has been on display before you leave the festival.  We cannot mail items out after the festival - sorry.

Eligible entries must include yarn/fiber wrapper or tag with the name of the NMLWF vendor on it to prove that you purchased your roving, or yarn at the festival with the purpose of showing support for the vendors at NMLWF.

Should you have a question please contact us at: [email protected]